Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sad times for 'Great' Britain

Last night I sat up until 2am on twitter and Facebook with Sky News firmly fixed on the telebox for 4 hours. The sights that we were watching looked nothing short of a horror film, looting, fires, scared residents and hundreds maybe thousands of people running riot in our beautiful capital... As the night went on so did the violence this time in Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool.  


The main offenders apparently are young kids, smashing up their own futures, their own community, their friends and families home towns. Do they have any brains at all, and no I do not agree that its all our governments fault. I do not agree that we are not providing enough opportunities for these kids. I grew up in a pretty rough area up north, where there was nothing to do at all, just a few playing fields, but no shops no cinemas, no jobs no opportunities, myself and all my friends from school have not all gone on to be criminals, not one of them would ever condone breaking into a shop and taking what they wanted or setting fire to someone's livelihood. I think the kids are not stupid, they do know what they;re doing, they proved last night that we are all scared to stop them. Even the police could not stop them. I personally would like to think I would knock on all my neighbours houses and we'd all bloody stand in front of our homes and businesses and make a united front to take a stand against these yobs. They need to see we will not be scared by them. They are children, they are not brandishing guns and knives they are using bins and bollards and the fact they feel they are untouchable to terrorise. We have solidarity and pride in our homes and towns to help us defeat this unthinkable rebellion.  

I followed Hants Police twitter last night and it reassured me that although there are chancer, kids who think that we should 'show London how its done' trying to organise riots in my home town, the police are all over it and I feel safe and sound even though I live right in the centre of where the looting would start if it ever materialised.  I did comment to my other half almost in  tears that I was so sad to be bringing our new baby into this world but I think with enough people with our mindsets we will overcome this ridiculous activity and show them it will not be condoned. 

I woke up and checked twitter as I do most mornings (nosey parker that I am) and it actually made me smile so much to see the main trending topic was #riotcleanup. That 38,000 people were following and organising clean up operations that the council started at 5.30am.


scenes of solidarity..click here to make your faith in london community restored

These are the pople thats hearts and community spirit will hopefully overcome the bad air that these yobs have left behind. Please help if you can. My best friend was amongst the horror last night in clapham and we spoke while she was too scared to leave the flat as she was 1 road away from the high street were they were looting crazy. It brings more to home the fact that this could be happening to any of us in any of our towns. If you want to help then these guys are projecting positive messages and proactively sorting the streets out. 

Big love to them all. 

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