Tuesday, 30 August 2011


So my party girl ways have been cured of late and I have become settled in my soon to be future of cosy days and nights in with no alcohol and no drama..and I love it. Today was the day we would be finding ut if our little baby would be all ok tucked up inside me and no problems. I have been having terrible pains and every worst case scenario has been flowing through my brain... so this morning at 10.48am we saw our beautiful little baby for the first time and there was nothing but a gorgeous strong heartbeat and a wriggly body to see!!!! 
I cried little tears of happiness and then following our second scan and a clearer picture I called my mum..Nanna Winne who was waiting in anticipation and fear just before boarding her flight on holiday!! She cried as I sent her the picture and said Hi Nanna, I'm safe and happy and I hope you have a nice holiday...! She loved it!! Its emotion city in our family at the best of times but this amazing miracle babba seems to have the perfect timing..I feel like its binded us all together in a way that wont ever be broken..a bind that was always there but ha just shown me how important family are..and how loved I am by them. Today is a bloody bloody good day.. and then all our friends on facebook have been amazed and excited and so happy we've had about 80 comments saying how brill this all is!!Just wanted to share all that with you. I am happy and relieved and more excited than I ever knew I could be!!!! Roll on March 7th 2012. xxx

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