Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I want this pram..wartime looks with modern day practicalities and its b.ea.utiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kensington Pram from the Silver Cross range of handmade Heritage Prams

Pretty Paper Windmills {DIY} | The Pretty Blog

Pretty Paper Windmills {DIY} | The Pretty Blog:

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So my party girl ways have been cured of late and I have become settled in my soon to be future of cosy days and nights in with no alcohol and no drama..and I love it. Today was the day we would be finding ut if our little baby would be all ok tucked up inside me and no problems. I have been having terrible pains and every worst case scenario has been flowing through my brain... so this morning at 10.48am we saw our beautiful little baby for the first time and there was nothing but a gorgeous strong heartbeat and a wriggly body to see!!!! 
I cried little tears of happiness and then following our second scan and a clearer picture I called my mum..Nanna Winne who was waiting in anticipation and fear just before boarding her flight on holiday!! She cried as I sent her the picture and said Hi Nanna, I'm safe and happy and I hope you have a nice holiday...! She loved it!! Its emotion city in our family at the best of times but this amazing miracle babba seems to have the perfect timing..I feel like its binded us all together in a way that wont ever be broken..a bind that was always there but ha just shown me how important family are..and how loved I am by them. Today is a bloody bloody good day.. and then all our friends on facebook have been amazed and excited and so happy we've had about 80 comments saying how brill this all is!!Just wanted to share all that with you. I am happy and relieved and more excited than I ever knew I could be!!!! Roll on March 7th 2012. xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riotscleanup's Blog

Riotscleanup's Blog

Inspirational words from a chap with a very big heart and soul. A lot of Londoners owe him thanks. Makes me feel a bit better that there are a lot of amazing people out there aswell as the scummy ones.


Sad times for 'Great' Britain

Last night I sat up until 2am on twitter and Facebook with Sky News firmly fixed on the telebox for 4 hours. The sights that we were watching looked nothing short of a horror film, looting, fires, scared residents and hundreds maybe thousands of people running riot in our beautiful capital... As the night went on so did the violence this time in Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool.  


The main offenders apparently are young kids, smashing up their own futures, their own community, their friends and families home towns. Do they have any brains at all, and no I do not agree that its all our governments fault. I do not agree that we are not providing enough opportunities for these kids. I grew up in a pretty rough area up north, where there was nothing to do at all, just a few playing fields, but no shops no cinemas, no jobs no opportunities, myself and all my friends from school have not all gone on to be criminals, not one of them would ever condone breaking into a shop and taking what they wanted or setting fire to someone's livelihood. I think the kids are not stupid, they do know what they;re doing, they proved last night that we are all scared to stop them. Even the police could not stop them. I personally would like to think I would knock on all my neighbours houses and we'd all bloody stand in front of our homes and businesses and make a united front to take a stand against these yobs. They need to see we will not be scared by them. They are children, they are not brandishing guns and knives they are using bins and bollards and the fact they feel they are untouchable to terrorise. We have solidarity and pride in our homes and towns to help us defeat this unthinkable rebellion.  

I followed Hants Police twitter last night and it reassured me that although there are chancer, kids who think that we should 'show London how its done' trying to organise riots in my home town, the police are all over it and I feel safe and sound even though I live right in the centre of where the looting would start if it ever materialised.  I did comment to my other half almost in  tears that I was so sad to be bringing our new baby into this world but I think with enough people with our mindsets we will overcome this ridiculous activity and show them it will not be condoned. 

I woke up and checked twitter as I do most mornings (nosey parker that I am) and it actually made me smile so much to see the main trending topic was #riotcleanup. That 38,000 people were following and organising clean up operations that the council started at 5.30am.


scenes of solidarity..click here to make your faith in london community restored

These are the pople thats hearts and community spirit will hopefully overcome the bad air that these yobs have left behind. Please help if you can. My best friend was amongst the horror last night in clapham and we spoke while she was too scared to leave the flat as she was 1 road away from the high street were they were looting crazy. It brings more to home the fact that this could be happening to any of us in any of our towns. If you want to help then these guys are projecting positive messages and proactively sorting the streets out. 

Big love to them all. 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

To Pack or not to pack...

Three days off this week, three days of beautiful gorgeous weather! Day 1 I said I would start packing. I move in 2 weeks and have a 3 bed house full of nik naks! I went charity shopping with my mum instead then out for dinner..so no packing then. Day 2 I packed 1 box before my mum called to say did I fancy doing something with my sisters and it was such a nice day? Off then ran my imagination and before I could say sunshine I'd made mini egg sandwiches and mini finger slices of pizza ready for a picnic! Off then we went on the ferry to ...Hythe. Picnic on the seafront and then a stroll round the marina! So no packing then either..today...awoke early with pans to go get some boxes and bags and labels and start properly sorting and packing...but the weather is so nice I almost just want to go on a mini adventure and forget packing for yet another day!!!! But I wont, I will be good but first I think I'm going to go on a little stroll in the sunshine..if I return the packing shall begin! We'll see! I am the worlds best procrastinator! x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died at the grand old age of 79 yesterday but every single day of her life she just exuded beauty, a classic style icon with years of naughty stories and various lovers to keep her growing old disgracefully. Her work with various charities including promotion for HIV awareness campaigns was kind of inspiring..a lot of modern day 'icons' would learn a lot from following her lead. You can be rich, you can be beautiful and you can lead a very non boring lifestyle but still retain dignity and respect and at all times be very much the lady..x 

My Thrifty Ways

I am addicted to second hand shops, Ebay, Freecycle and Gumtree...

Newest purchase of the week - 1930'S Typewriter - Full working Condition! 

£9.95 from a charity shop on Shirley High Street!

My mumma loved it!! I said I'm going to stop texting her and just become her pen pal and send her typed notes from now on!! 

Last weeks amazing purchase took a short (well long due to some erm losing our wayness!) I spotted a random add on Gumtree for a Radiogram and it was only £10!!! I had to have it! The light still works and I will have to figure out how the aerial can actually can be reconnected but it looks super lovely in the meantime in my front room!!! 

Leaving Las Vegas..sob

So almost exactly 1 year and 1 month ago I was house hunting for a small one bed flat within my even smaller budget and stumbled across the flat of my dreams... This beautiful house is built on the original Bargate Walls of Southampton and was formerly the Old Courthouse! Its so quirky and beautiful with huge rooms and high ceilings and over time and lots of car boot, charity shop and ebay trawling it has eventually become the essence of me...Alas it has lots of down sides..damp, much needed decorating in all rooms, a new fire escape..the list goes on and on...
I accepted that every wonderful thing comes with a few pitfalls as well nothing is ever truly perfect but then 1 month ago..my boyfriend came home to tell me that there was a new amazing place for rent literally round the corner..one of the cute adorable row of houses that originally over looked te castle wall and then the sea and the new forest (but now Ikea and the docks..que sara)

So..I straight away googled it and yes..its a beautiful 4 floor townhouse..within budget, with a basement for my vintage clothes habit and a roof terrace for my milky skin to get a bit pink on..oh and alovely little garden and well I kind of fell in love! I feel like I'm cheating on 3 Castle Lane, with a younger and more attractive model! But I've gone for it and although I know I'll be happy in my townhouse and all my vintage furniture and things will fit so well..I will always remember my first love..3 Castle Lane..Love you always xxxxxxxxxx

As you can probably tell I found out how to use the pano mode on my camera in these ones but it just shows the hugeness of my front room! If I could take a room to every house I ever live in it will be this one...

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rosa & Doug’s 1960′s Hawaiian Holiday Wedding

Rosa & Doug’s 1960′s Hawaiian Holiday Wedding

Vintage Wedding Planning

A good friend became a wife to be on new years eve and after a trip to london and a brief Brick Lane visit talk turned onto her wedding planning! She is definately going to have various polka dot designs thats for sure but her vision is to create something really unique and kitsch and vintage inspired! I'M SO EXCITED! She told me to visit this site 'Rock 'n'roll Bride' as its the perfect blog for all vintage and retro lovely bride to be's out there....
I was not disappointed..3 hours later I had my own wedding all planned in my head after seeing loads of inspiring images and pictures...check this out...

now all I need is a husband to be and I'll be bridezilla before we know it..


The beautiful and talented Hayley Savage recently took time out of her hectic schedule to make me look fantastic in pictures! All images were shot in and around my home town Southampton! She is wonderfully amazing at making people look wonderful and feel amazing! Check out more of her wonderment here.

These are my faves!