Sunday, 14 October 2012

I don't feel like myself Anymore

I've hit a wall. Realisation that trying to be a good mummy a great cook a wonderful housekeeper and try and make money and be successful is like juggling jelly! I know all of them can be done and I am the lady who can do it! I just need to go into my loft and dug out that Wonder Woman outfit. Or maybe get a full night sleep and a spa day!
I love Molly to pieces but I'm exhausted and I feel like a bad mum every time I breathe a sigh of relief when she finally dozes off!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sleep? What's that?

It's been approximately 4 weeks since Molly last slept through the night! She grumbles all night and we now have regulated the room temperature a but more so its cooler and she has more lovely layers of bed sheets on. I'm biding my time before I go and buy this little beauty from jools Oliver's range 'little bird' at mothercare.
So this has helped a tiny bit but she's waking up super hungry and I'm now feeding her after bedtime at 8...
This is all milk feeds too but I've recently discovered she loves baby porridge so I might introduce that At midnight and see if that gets her through the night! I resemble a zombie right now. I really think sleep is natures greatest healer and I count the hours until bedtime every day to grab at least a few hours of blissful uninterrupted sleepy time. But as yet it hasn't come!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

A lovely autumn day

I'm so tired .. The weather is having a strange effect on me. It's making me want to sleep more but also get more done as its starting to feel wintery its filled me with panic over Christmas and potentially moving house all over again! Molly is feeling my anxiousness and responding in the same way! I try to wind down but spend my nights and daytimes running round chasing my own OCD tail! Molly doesn't care if the house is tidy I understand this but in order to keep my head in order I need to keep my home in order. I need to chill! I need to stop fretting and I need to make the most of the crisp air and the autumn leaves turning and go for long walks and tell short stories and pick flowers and start my (fun and fulfilling) Xmas pressie making! I did something very fun though today, I paid deposits on a beautiful wooden dollhouse and wooden pushchair for Molly for Christmas. She's going to be stoked (or I will when I see her face) so autumn which was once a time for new coats and new boots and birthday parties is now a time for planning and preparation for my beautiful girls first Christmas and our first winter together. Housework can wait... My new motto. What's a bit of dust and dirt amongst friends! ... Right bedtime.. But first I need to just go clean the bathroom..... Argh!!!
If you live in my area you should go and visit 'wooden it be lovely' in Woolston. I will find a link and post it tomorrow. You will be in wooden toy wonder! X

Friday, 21 September 2012

oh! you pretty things: Motherhood & breastfeeding

oh! you pretty things: Motherhood & breastfeeding

Money money money

We have none but we have love by the bundles and everytime I start to get worried about bills and our empty pockets I just look at the most precious little thing we could ever want and she makes me feel like the richest girl in the world. We definitely won the lottery when she came along! A million dollar smile or what? X x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Half a year had passed.....

My lovely baby girl Molly is now 6 months old and at last I have managed to have a bath and some dinner before 11pm!
She's a beauty and the funnest baby I've ever come across so late night baths and never eating a meal hot is no real hardship!
She had her 6 month weigh in today and is now a hearty 16lb and 7oz! Blooming marvellous. To mark this magnificent milestone we thought we would celebrate with some BANANA! Yum......

Tuesday, 30 August 2011