Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Leaving Las Vegas..sob

So almost exactly 1 year and 1 month ago I was house hunting for a small one bed flat within my even smaller budget and stumbled across the flat of my dreams... This beautiful house is built on the original Bargate Walls of Southampton and was formerly the Old Courthouse! Its so quirky and beautiful with huge rooms and high ceilings and over time and lots of car boot, charity shop and ebay trawling it has eventually become the essence of me...Alas it has lots of down sides..damp, much needed decorating in all rooms, a new fire escape..the list goes on and on...
I accepted that every wonderful thing comes with a few pitfalls as well nothing is ever truly perfect but then 1 month boyfriend came home to tell me that there was a new amazing place for rent literally round the of the cute adorable row of houses that originally over looked te castle wall and then the sea and the new forest (but now Ikea and the docks..que sara)

So..I straight away googled it and yes..its a beautiful 4 floor townhouse..within budget, with a basement for my vintage clothes habit and a roof terrace for my milky skin to get a bit pink on..oh and alovely little garden and well I kind of fell in love! I feel like I'm cheating on 3 Castle Lane, with a younger and more attractive model! But I've gone for it and although I know I'll be happy in my townhouse and all my vintage furniture and things will fit so well..I will always remember my first love..3 Castle Lane..Love you always xxxxxxxxxx

As you can probably tell I found out how to use the pano mode on my camera in these ones but it just shows the hugeness of my front room! If I could take a room to every house I ever live in it will be this one...

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