Saturday, 29 May 2010

What Katie Did....Gorgeous vintage inspired underwear!

Having seen 'What Katie Did' underwear worn on a few celebrities in recent press I thought I would give them a mention... their gorgeous underwear also features in one of my favourite films of this year 'Nowhere Boy'. Based in the 1950's, its a beautiful film about the early life of John Lennon.

They also now are starting to have concessions in Urban Outfitters and Topshop amongst other outlets and so hopefully more and more girlies can get their hands on some wonderful pin up frillies!

This nautical bikini is on my wishlist for next months paypacket splurge!

They make beautiful hand crafted lingerie from 50's pin up corsets to seamed stockings and garters all things wonderfully retro and very glamourous

I recently purchased a beautiful set of silk bra and knickers all girly and frilly with lovely tie up bows...I had a slight *ahem* wardrobe malfunction shall we say the last time I wore them!

Firstly - one toilet trip earlier I'd had a very confusing moment involving some loose ribbons and some messy tying and double knots..

so a few hours later..picture the scene...removing clothes in an attempted gin induced striptease..

Boy on bed watching in fascination as I turn a seductive striptease in silky underwear into a bizarre slapstick routine, tripping over knickers as I tried to remove them! I had apparently very securely double knotted them to my bloody bra which was a) super confusing for the gin in me and b) very dangerous as I nearly ended up strangling myself as I fought against them trying to pull them bizarre chastity belt made of dusky pink silk!!

The boy..well he found it hilarious..and when I sat down dejected and rather red faced he told me I looked sexy anyway! Then divulged that he was quite into bondage and girls being tied up...snigger snigger...
Hmm he wasnt around for breakfast to put it nicely..he never even made it to the main course!

Do not however let this put you off as the rest of the underwear and gorgeous lingerie I'm sure will not be a passion killer for any other retro fact very much quite the opposite! I'm sure you'll agree. Check out the end of season sales when you can the reductions are crazy up to 50% off which makes it even better!

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